Explore Capital Of Afghanistan : Kabul


Capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, is colonized between the hill and river. It has few contemporary style tower blocks and swanky shopping malls that all the traveler lovers can explore. However, roads and other infrastructure remain in poor condition, and electricity is poor in the downtown areas. It is considered an important center of Central Asia with tourism. Check out places which you can explore in Kabul :

Afghan National Museum: –

It is also called the Kabul Museum, this historic two-storey building is located in Kabul. This museum is considered to be the richest museum in Central Asia. There is a collection of about one lakh rare objects of several thousand millennials.

Darul Aman Palace: –

It is a European-style palace situated 10 miles from Kabul. The construction of the Darul Aman Palace was done by reformist King Amanullah Khan in 1920 AD. This building is built on a hill. The beautiful view of the whole valley can be seen here.

Id Gah Mosque: –

This is Afghanistan’s second largest mosque. In this mosque, two million people pay namaz together. This mosque was constructed around 1893 AD by the then Tajik ruler, Abdur Rahman Khan.

Bala Hissar: –

This is the ancient fortress of Afghanistan. The fort was constructed in the 5th century AD. Was around. Bala Hisar is situated near Khoah-e-Sheridarwaj hill in present-day Kabul city.