Exercises to remove eyeglasses in just 5 days!


Most of the people these days faces problem of eyesight due to lot of burden and excess of work in front of computer. It is very important for all of us to take care of eyes. Today I am telling you about some exercises that you must do to improve eyesight. Check out here:

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Take a pencil in your hand and keep it vertically in the middle of your nose and in the center of your eyes, now slowly bring the pencil to the eyes and then take it away.  Do this at least 10 times daily.

Sit in the Padmasan or Siddhasan posture and rotate the eyeballs firstly in clockwise direction, then rotate these anti-clockwise. Do this at least 4-5 times.

Blink your eyelids at least 20 times, then close your eyes and give them rest. Doing this twice a day will be beneficial for you.

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Focus on something that is kept away from you for at least 5 minutes. But remember, during this time do not blink your eyelashes. Doing this exercise for few months will help to give lot of benefit.