Exclusive! Sunny Deol Talks about His Life, Left His Shy Image Behind


Sunny Deol who is shy in nature has opened up and now he is not the same introvert guy. The actor is now getting used to social media and he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind on unorthodox subject like birth control in his upcoming film, Poster Boys.


In an exclusive interview, Bollywood actor Sunny speaks on reinventing himself, how dancing in films still scare him, lack of acting offers and more.
“I go by the director’s vision. I can sense a good script from the way he narrates it to me,” begins Deol about his upcoming comedy. “Shreyas is making his directorial debut, but, I had no reservations about him calling the shots. Bob (Brother Bobby Deol) and I had a blast shooting for the film. You’ll see me in a new light. They even made me go on a pouting spree,” said Sunny with laughter.

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The actor has attempted to footstep a new path once again. A few years ago, the actor tried to do it with Mohalla Assi, but the film did not see the light of day owing to run-ins with the Censor Board. “We have not given up on it. The sad state of affairs is a reflection of the times we live in.”
Bringing up the subject of censorship in India he said that he do not understand why the Censor Board is so harsh on films. While arguing he said, “Everything is out there on the Internet and TV. There is so much of rabble-rousing on news channels too, these days. But, films get blamed for it.”

Lack of unity in the industry makes it difficult to win the battle against the Censor Board. “If we are united, we can always battle it out together.” Deol cites the case of his career-defining film Ghayal (1990), which was given several cuts by the Board. “Initially, we were angry and ready to fight. But then, we kept our egos aside and sat down to have a dialogue. What was eventually edited, did not affect the narrative of the film at all.”
The actor is getting only few films even after his powerful acting skills. On the question why he does not get too many film offers Sunny stated, “I’m still trying to figure what keeps filmmakers away from me. Maybe, my image…I am ready to take on all types of roles. There is no apprehension about trying something new.” He then quickly added, “Except when it comes to dance.”
When asked on his dancing feet, he had no hesitation in admitting that he is “no Hrithik Roshan”. With blunt honesty, he said, “Dance rehearsals scare me, but over time, I have conquered my fears. 90 per cent of us are not dancers, everyone cannot be a Hrithik. We just enjoy the music and let the energy out.”

Also Sunny pointed out how his ‘Dhai kilo ka Haath’ image will never leave him. “It does not bother me. Anything happens, irrespective of whether it is related to me or not, and my dhai kilo ka haath memes flood social media. At least, I can make people chuckle.”
Sunny will completely focus on third part of Yamla Pagla Deewana series starring all the three Deols reuniting. Also Sunny’s elder son, Karan Deol is preparing himself to hit the big screen and to take the family lineage. He will make his debut with the film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.’ On the other side the senior Deols are entertaining the audiences from last so many years. As all the three generations in his family are in films, one can imagine that dinner table conversations revolve around cinema. Sunny said, “Very rarely.””We don’t talk films at all, except the occasions when we are part of the same project.”

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