Ex-Lover spotted by woman at Bank Queue, Got Beaten Up


MUMBAI:  A 35-year-old man who was waiting in a queue outside a bank in Nashik must have wished he never had visited the bank today.

As while he was standing in the queue outside a bank on Trimbak Road on Monday, he was spotted by his alleged ex-lover, a 23-year-old woman.

In any case, what took after was not gathering of offended sweethearts, but rather settling of an old score as the lady alleged that he had left the relationship four years back.

The lady had gone to the bank to withdraw higher denomination currency notes when she saw a well known face that of her previous sweetheart, who, she later told police, had discarded her.

The lady quickly informed her sibling and dad who went to the spot and professedly whipped him in full perspective of open and bank staff members, police said, including later her grumbling a body of evidence was enrolled against the man.

In her dissension with Satpur police headquarters, the young lady said they were close till he dumped her four years prior and are not in contact since, till she chanced upon him in the bank line.

“The affirmed sweetheart was conveyed to police headquarters and addressed. He was wounded and we sent him to the common doctor’s facility,” an official of the Satpur police headquarters told the media.

A non-cognisable case has been enlisted against the man under areas 323 (discipline for willfully bringing on hurt), 504 (purposeful affront with aim to incite break of the peace) and 506 (discipline for criminal terrorizing) of IPC, police said.