Ex IS Sex Slave, Yazidi, Becomes UN Goodwill Ambassador


United Nations. An Iraqi women who managed to escape after being faced with rape and abuse as a sex slave of IS fighters has now for the dignity of human trafficking survivors become the UN Goodwill Ambassador .

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 Nadia Murad  Basee Taha, a 23-year-old Yazidi woman called up for justice for the victims of Jihadist group yesterday and argued that the attacks on Yazidi people in the year 2014 should be termed genocide.

Nadia wqas bought from her home village Sinjar located near Iraq's northern city Kocho from in August 2014 to IS controlled Mosul. There she was gang raped and bought and sold several times.

Nadia during a ceremony at the UN headquarters said “ I was used in the way they wanted,I was not alone. She further said “Perhaps I was probably the fortunate one. Over time, I found a way to escape, while thousands of others couldn’t. They are still capative.

With trembling voice Nadia called for the release of about 3200 Yazidi women and girls, who are still imprisoned as sexual slaves of the IS militants. Nadia also urged that the militants who imprisoned them should be brought to justice.

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