Ex-IPS Officers to provide financial and legal aid to victims of terrorism


AHMEDABAD: A gathering of resigned IPS officers including ‘encounter specialist’ D G Vanzara on Sunday propelled a NGO to give Legal and Financial support to victims of terrorist attack and also to accused one for terror activity.

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S Khandwawala and K P Raghuvanshi, previous DGPs of Gujarat and Maharashtra individually, will serve as chairman and vice chairman of the NGO NGO ‘Justice for Victims of Terrorism’,, while Vanzara, a denounced in two fake experience cases in Gujarat, will be the general secretary.

Previous IB (Intelligence Bureau) unique executive Rajinder Kumar, who was chargesheeted in Ishrat Jahan fake experience case, previous judge of Gujarat High Court Justice B J Sethna, and individual from National Human Rights Commission and previous boss equity of Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir High Courts Justice B C Patel went to the initiation work.

Mr Khandwawala said that “legitimately” helping casualties of fear based oppression and remunerating them on time will check the threat and the NGO will work in the same heading, including “stretching out help to groups of individuals killed by psychological militants, individuals made blamed by psychological militants and security powers battling fear mongers.”

“If charge is proved against a terrorist, (investigating agency and government) say the work is done. But what about the victims? Even an accused is the citizen of this country. ┬áIf he goes to jail, what happens to his family? We need to think about this as well in order to root out terrorism. So we wanted to have a different kind of organisation and form an NGO which can bring justice to these victims of terrorism,” Mr Khandwawala said.

The NGO will be an apolitical organisation, he added

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