Ex-girlfriend gets engaged to another man, man ‘jumps’ off Mumbai sea link


On Sunday a man died after he jumped off Mumbai’s Bandra-Worli sea link at 3 am, man recognized as Paramjeet Kohli 24 year old who lives in Mumbai.

He told his companions, with whom he spent the whole night drinking, that was depressed after his ex got engaged with another man, Khar police told media.

As Kohli didn’t return home, his dad Jaspal moved toward the police.

In the wake of checking the CCTV film from the zone, the police acknowledged Kohli hailed a taxi from his home and left for the sea link.

He got off on the Worli side of the bridge.

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The police at that point followed the cab driver who revealed to them the man requesting that he drop him amidst the bridge as he needed to vomit.

“Kohil’s companions disclosed to us that as he was drunk and depressed, they dropped him at his doorstep. Yet, Kohli left home in no time flat,” said an officer from the Khar police headquarters.

The police have enrolled an accidental demise case and are checking if Kohli committed suicide or fell into the ocean when he bent to vomit.