Everyone thinks he’s Pankaj Kapur’s son, isko toh break mil gaya hoga: Shahid Kapoor


Does Shahid Kapoor feel secure after his trip as the medication someone who is addicted rockstar Tommy Singh was a win? "I feel pleased as playing Tommy Singh was a unique open door. My impulses, as a performing artist, are driving my decisions. I seize anything that permits me to accomplish something other than what's expected. I am not contemplating an excessive number of different things," said Shahid in a very close meeting with a main national every day.

This eminence has come simply after numerous errors, which he doesn't care to harp on a lot of saying it's every one of the a part of the bigger configuration which you can't investigate excessively. He's likewise managed the desirous, mean comments saying, "Everybody believes that he is Pankaj Kapurs child, so isko toh break mil gaya hoga (He more likely than not got a break). Be that as it may, I have been rejected from 100 tryouts. Now and again, I didn't have cash to eat nourishment or to try and go to the tryouts. I have carried on with that life, and I dont like discussing it. In any case, that is my world."

After his first film Ken Ghosh's Ishq Vishk was a superhit, the Kaminey on-screen character really trusted that it was the universe granting him for his constancy. After a couple of disappointments, Shahid discovered his magic again in Imtiaz Ali's Jab We Met. From that point forward he's seen highs and lows, fiddled with both business and outside the box extends and made his own particular space in Bollywood.

"I feel like God has favored me with this profession, and I can't release this chance to squander. I don't  need to feel fulfilled effectively (chuckles). It has been a 13-year-long hold up to reach here. In this way, it will perhaps take 13 years for me to feel loose says the Haider on-screen character.