Did you ever experience to eat in toilet ! Visit Toilet Cafe in Indonesia to try out this


Nowadays there is more to just going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, Even though you can turn it into an adventure which is recently done by a cafe in Indonesia , with a weird but interesting theme.Guests at the “Jamban Cafe” sit on the can situates around the table and can order “bakso” – a traditonal Indonesian meatballs floating in soup-filled latrines alongside splendidly shaded, liquor free mixed drinks. The cafe – whose name “Jamban” means toilet in Indonesian – has been open since April and as of now just invites little gatherings who book ahead.


This is not a very new concept since other countries like Russia and Taiwan also have similiar toilet themed restaurants but what makes this Indonesian cafe different is the social message behind it. Owner Budi Laksono, a public health expert who used to work for the local government aims at educating people about sanitation and encourage the increased use of toilets. A large number of individuals in Indonesia still live beneath the neediness line and the nation has one of the world’s most astounding rates of open poop – crapping outside and not utilizing appropriate sanitation framework which builds the danger of spreading illnesses. The bistro was built and kept up with a joint reserve from an extensive variety of contributors including specialists and open organizations that backer for open sanitation.



Apparently the unique and educative approach has neglected to make an impact on the priests of the muslim populated nation as they feel it is unseemly and against islamic law. Other than that it has been assured that the food and everything in the cafe is carefullly sanitized and hygienic.