Errant U.S. strike executes Afghan cops


KABUL, Afghanistan — A misled U.S. airstrike killed no less than seven Afghan cops in the hard-squeezed southern area of Oruzgan, Afghan authorities said Monday. 

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Taliban extremists have taken control of a great part of the territory and have been assaulting its capital, Tirin Kot, for a considerable length of time, held off fundamentally by the U.S. air support for Afghan security powers. 

On Sunday around twelve, a police post known as Saqi, on the primary thruway into Tirin Kot, was under strike, and an airstrike hit the post rather than the aggressors, said Abdul Qawe Omari, appointee police boss for the area. 

"It was hit erroneously and because of wrong bearings or directions being given," Omari said. "The battling was progressing at the time." 

A representative for the U.S.- drove coalition, Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, affirmed just that "we directed an airstrike against people terminating on, and representing a risk to, our Afghan accomplices in Tirin Kot on 18 September." His announcement proceeded with: "We don't have any additional data on who those people may have been or why they were assaulting ANDSF strengths." The initials allude to Afghan security powers, including the military and the police. "U.S., coalition and Afghan powers have the privilege to self-preservation, and for this situation were reacting to a quick danger." 

Cleveland alluded any further inquiries to Afghan powers. 

Taliban extremists in the previous two days had constrained the Afghan police to surrender 38 posts securing the primary expressway connecting Tirin Kot to Kandahar, as per Abdul Karim Khadimzai, leader of the commonplace board in Oruzgan. "The fundamental reason is low spirit among police," he said. "The Taliban have grabbed an incomprehensible range of the region." 

Afghan authorities said they had gained ground as of late in pushing the extremists again from the common capital, where prior this month they were inside the city assaulting the police central station and senator's compound.

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