Enjoy The Yummy Spanish Churros!


Navratra Special! Sabudana Vada Recipe



¼ cup caster sugar (superfine sugar) (55g)

2 tsp ground cinnamon


150g / 1 cup plain white flour (Note 1)

1 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp olive oil

250ml / 1 cup boiled water

2 cups+ oil, for frying

Chocolate Sauce

½ cup / 100g dark chocolate chips (Note 2)

½ cup / 125 ml thickened cream (heavy cream)


  1. Make a mixture of sugar and cinnamon in a deep bowl.
  2. Now make thick batter of flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Further add oil and water and mix to combine. The mixture should not be thin and watery.
  3. Transfer dough into a piping bag with a 8mm / ⅓” star tip nozzle. Let it cool.
  4. Now, fry in hot oil till it turn golden.
  5. Pipe 15 cm / 6″ lengths of dough into the oil, snipping with scissors. Do 3 to 4 per batch.
  6. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until golden. Keep rolling.
  7. Remove onto paper towel lined plate to drain.
  8. Then roll in sugar.
  9. Serve hot with Chocolate Sauce!

Tiramisu Truffle

Image result for churrosChocolate Sauce-

Image result for chocolate sauceTake chocolate pieces and put them into heatproof bowl.

Now, microwave it for about 30 second bursts. Keep stirring until it get smooth.

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