Engineers Day : Facts about engineers


Over 20 lakh engineers every year is produced by India that range from computer science and electronics to civil and mechanical engineering.

On this day, all the engineers get the tag of “best engineer”. From now onwards, India has started celebrating Engineers day.

Each year, Engineers' Day has a theme, and this year it is "Skill Development for Young Engineers to Reform the Core Sector: Vision 2025."

Results of TS EAMCET 3 2016 to be released today

Facts about engineers

1) Taking Seminars can be a nightmare

If you ever want to avenge your friend ask a simple question during his seminar session and watch him go berserk.  

2) Your exams will never end

Just in time you finish your internal exam there will be your model awaiting.

3) Every girl would have at least five proposals no matter how she looks

4) Every branch almost have same Lab but nobody knows how it actually works even the professors LOL

Every stream of engineering (ECE/EEE/E&I/Mech/Civil/CSE) almost have same type of Lab and workshops but never actually taught what to do. We’ll leave empty minded.

5) Exams relies on teamwork

We engineers believe “United we stand,Divided we fall” especially during exams.

6) Sometimes you go nuts to beat the stress

When stress overwhelms ,you just do whatever it takes to beat it.

7) Approval for your Project never comes easy

You all would have experienced this in your college life. Project in charge never approves our idea without corrections or taking weeks of time.

8) Finishing up the entire book in a night 

You will never touch the book until the night before the exam. Yet you manage to finish up the entire book for exam, prodigious!!!

9) Getting a Job is really an Uphill task

Many Engineers in India are unemployed or ends up in working in completely different stream. Not many could get into a good job.

10) Four years of hell looks like a heaven at the end

While studying you always think of the day you finally get out of college but when that day comes you just wanna live it again.

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