Endangered handfish may be protected by beer bottles


MELBOURNE: Scientists revealed that endangered Australian handfish might be saved from extinction if they are stored in a waste beer bottles.

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The recently recovered handfish in Melbourne stroll along the Tasmanian seabed on lengthy fins similar to hands. The scientist have put these fishes under the category of critically endangered.

The handfish similar to difficult procreation home but boat jetty and insidious pest species including the North Pacific seastar are destroying their reproduction grounds, researchers from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia stated.

But, waste beer bottles are confirming to be an perfect procreation ground for the rare fish, they asserted.

” Numerous sites are there where the beer bottles are found that is helpful for the fishes to reside safely. Areas where people have been watercrafting their yachts or windjammers ever since the 1800s, sipping rum and tossing the bottles overboard,” Tim Lynch, senior researcher at CSIRO stated.

Image result for Endangered handfish may be protected by beer bottles“The seastars cannot consume the bottles at least, and we often discover spotted handfish covering behind waste bottles,” Dr Lynch affirmed.

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Investigators disclosed that the handfish reproduce well in confinement. The fishes have made fake spawning homes in the river and created nearly 6,000 plastic sticks on the river bed for handfish to lay eggs on.