Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Captain Nawab’ poster copied


Performer Emraan Hashmi revealed the primary look of his forthcoming film 'Captain Nawab'. The performer will turn maker for the war dramatization, that depends on genuine occasions in the scenery of the 1999 Kargil War. The film will be coordinated by Tony D'Souza. 'Captain Nawab' blurb sees Emraan wearing armed force gear. In any case, on nearer investigation, it creates the impression that he plays a twofold operator of sorts as he can be seen wearing an Indian armed force and Pakistani armed force uniform.

While the notice is captivating, it got flack for being a sham or fairly "roused" from a computer game blurb. Emraan's 'Commander Nawab' blurb looks to some extent like the 'Honorable obligation: Black Ops' computer game that likewise includes a warrior sitting in a comparable position with weapons in both hands. Regardless of climate or not the producers consent to this, Bollywood has had a long history of looking for motivation from worldwide motion picture blurbs. Look down to see more…