Ellen DeGeneres talks about reaching the White House without an ID


TV host Ellen DeGeneres was among the 21 individuals among them performing artists Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks, b-ball star Michael Jordan and philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates – regarded by US President Barack Obama with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on November 22. Presently, the 58-year-old has shared precisely what went down in the White House the day she got the most elevated non military personnel respect in the US in a comical and inspiring clasp from her show.

In the video, shared nearly 17 hours before composing this, Ellen depicts thinking about the decoration for a month however not having the capacity to tell anybody since it was 'best mystery' and she couldn't give the data 'a chance to fall in the hands the of the Russians.' *wink wink*

She goes ahead to describe how she achieved the White House without an ID and brought on something of an "object" there. "Bruce Springsteen (likewise accepting the respect) and Patty (his significant other) are passing me and they're similar to, 'how would you not convey an ID to the White House?' And I resembled, 'this is my ID, Bruce. This is my ID (while indicating at her face)'" she says in the video.

Everything turned out fine since she went a got her award as well as pulled off effectively the best #mannequinchallenge ever. It took her an opportunity to disclose to Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen precisely what it was yet she figured out how to get everybody on board after a couple hiccups.

The astounding video has as of now timed more than 2.6 million perspectives and more than 1.1 lakh responses on Facebook. Uncommon say goes to this one analyst who clicked this delightful picture with Ellen at the function. Simply attempt and disregard (on the off chance that you can) the photobomber in the photo.

We're sure the video will put a huge smile on your face. Take a look.