Elderly couple have Tattoos from head to toe : World record


It was heard that the passion for tattoos all over the body was for youngsters but an elderly couple in US has proved this statement wrong.

Florida woman made bomb threat in an attempt to stop her boyfriend from submitting a urine sample

This elderly couple has tattoos printed all over their bodies from head to toe, their names has been registered in the Guinness World Records

The couple, has became the world’s first most tattooed senior citizens. Charles Helmke of Florida was  recently recognized as the most tattooed senior citizen (male)  by Guinness World Records. After that, her life partner, Charlotte, made the world record of the most tattooed senior citizen (women).

Charlotte a writer and a trainer by profession has 91.5 percent of her body covered with colorful tattoos. The story of his tattoos began a decade ago. The first tattoo was built in 2006..

According to Guinness World Records his passion for tattoos increased. Whereas his 75 years old partner has 93.75 per cent of his body covered with tattoos, his first tattoo was built in 1959. At that time, he was in the US Army.

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