Eight dies as Israel forces hit Gaza tunnel


Nearly eight Palestinian terrorists died after Israeli forces ruined a tunnel in a southern town of the Gaza on Monday.

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As per Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra, nine people were injured in the Khan Younis area. The wounded were immediately taken to the al-Aqsa Hospital to undergo treatment.

The reports stated that five persons who lost their lives belong to al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad: Brigade Commander Arafat Marshood, Deputy Commander Hasan Abu Hasanein, Ahmad Khalil Abu Armaneh, 25, Omar Nassar Al-Falit, 27 and Jihad al-Samiri.

During the attack, two others who died were found as 30-year-old Masbah Shbeer , Mohammed al-Agha.

As per the health ministry, the death toll has been increasing rapidly.

“We assert our right to react to the violence of the work today,” the Islamic Jihad Movement stated.

“The occupation government must be alert that we will persist to work to reinforce our abilities to defend our citizens,” it added.

Israeli officials asserted that the tunnel close to the border wall was targeted by the Israeli forces following being supervised for few time.

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Israel carried out three attacks on the Gaza Strip in year 2008. As per the reports, nearly Sixty-six Israeli soldiers and seven Israeli non-combatants were died in the attack.