Eight Dead And 13 Wounded In Bombs Explode



Beirut:  on Saturday ,two bombs went off  near the Syrian capital.Eight people and wounding over a dozen others in the latest attack to hit mostly Shiite area in recent months,  a group of TV and  an opposition  activist said.

Syrian State TV said the blasts in the Sayyida Zeinab area just south of Damascus killed eight people and wounded 13 others. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 12 people were killed and dozens were wounded in the two explosions.

The Sayyida Zeinab suburb is home to a sanctum by the same name, one of the most renowned in Shiite Islam. The heavily guarded shrine to Sayyida Zeinab, the daughter of the first Shiite imam, Ali, and granddaughter of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, receives thousands of Shiite pilgrims each year


The blast took place at the entrance of Ziabiyeh district caused by a sucide attacker wearing an exclosive belt where as the second explosion  was the result of car bomb in a al-Teen street.


Sayyida Zeinab has been a frequent target of suicide and car bombings in Syria's civil war, now in its sixth year. Some of them have been claimed by the Islamic State group.


On 25 April, eight people died when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive-packed vehicle at a military checkpoint in the suburb.


In February, a series of blasts ripped through Sayyida Zeinab, killing at least 83 people and wounding more than 170.