EgyptAir crash: Private firm hired to retrieve black boxes of Flight MS804


Since no new signal retrieved from the day of crash, Now Egypt has hired a private firm to help in the search of the black boxes from the EgyptAir plane that disappeared last week en route from Paris to Cairo, authorities said.

They had signed a pact with Deep Ocean Search (DOS) to achieve the hunt and retrieval process of the two data recorders, Egyptian civil aviation officials said in a statement on Friday.

It is believed that EgyptAir Flight MS804 submerged in the Mediterranean Sea last Thursday between the Greek island of Crete and Egypt’s north coast with 66 people onboard.

French and Egyptian aviation officials have said that they will soon find the cause of tragedy, however a terror attack is still not ruled out.

DOS claims to be operated in depth of up to 6,000 metres (20, 000 feet) and has a robot that is capable of mapping the seabed.

France’s aviation safety agency has said the aircraft transmitted automated messages indicating smoke in the cabin and a fault in the flight control unit before contact was lost.