Egypt: Over 30 policemen were killed in clashes


Cairo: A dreadful incident occurred on Friday in Egypt and over 30 policemen were killed in clashes with militants during a raid on a suspected terrorist hideout Western desert area. The interior ministry stated that many armed militants were also killed and security forces are now probing the area.

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Security officials, searching the Islamic terrorists in the area, were trap on road to Bahariya oasis. Egypt facing an Islamist rebellion rigorous in the Sinai peninsula from two main squads, counting an Islamic State associate, that died numerous armed forces as 2013.

Islamist militants introduced many assaults, most lately aiming churches in Cairo with the loss of lives. Safety forces further stated that officials were subsequent a lead to a hideout deep in the desert consideration to house eight supposed members of Hasm.

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Sources further revealed that a squad of four and one interior ministry vehicle was ensnare from superior ground by terrorists firing rocket-propelled grenades. Numerous deaths expected. Security officials further stated that eight security official wounded in the fight.