Eating Food Lonely leads to Obesity


People often find themselves feel lonely for variety of reasons, such as general social problems and deliberate loneliness. Some people even feel lonely in the crowd, because they cannot connect to different kinds of people and build meaningful relationships with them. Loneliness is dangerous for any person, but the recent disclosure of eating food alone might shock you!

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Research has shown that males consuming food lonely is not good for their health as compared to females.

Research has been done in South Korea’s capital Seoul and research revealed that by consuming food alone creates a negative impact on men’s health. Apart from that, men were found to have serious and more illness as compared to females.

Research conducted at Dongguk University, Ilsan Hospital in Seoul, in which 8000 adults participated. They were questioned for when and how often they eat alone usually. Explain that this research was on the basis of the relationship between obesity and loneliness.

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Research showcased and revealed that males who eat alone were found with 45 percent of obesity and 64 percent of metabolic syndrome. Therefore, metabolic syndrome is found in 29 percent of those who consume food alone.