Eating with hands is Super Beneficial


We live in India, which is the land full of so many cultures and traditions. These traditions keep us rooted to our culture and to our surroundings. Across the globe when you are away from home, your culture and tradition are the things which keep the essence of your hometown alive in your heart.

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Eating with hands instead of any cutlery like spoon and forks are the basic mannerism in country like ours. It is a practice that was adopted by the most civilized of the civilizations like Indus Valley.


But, these days not only in India but across the globe people have swiftly stated eating with their hands and fingers because of the benefits it provides to the body.

You will surely get astonished when you get to know the benefits of eating with hands and fingers.

According to the Ayurveda

Eating should be an ultimate feeling, as it energizes the body and it is said to give births to both emotion and passion. According to the Vedas and Upanishads hands are one of the most precious organs in the body that enhances action. According to the Vedic study every finger is an extension of the five elements. Through the thumb comes space(Bhramand) , with the forefinger comes air (Vaayu) , the middle finger is fire (agani), the ring finer is water(jal) and the little finger represents earth(prithvi).

Therefore eating with fingers activates these all five elements. The finger tips of the fingers are said to accelerate the digestion.

Hands are cleaner than anything

As we tend to wash our hands time to time, our hands and fingertips become free from the harmful bacteria and germs comparatively to those cutlery and utensils because we wash them only once. Spoon is made just for soups and other such liquids.

Hands Helps in Managing our Food intake

Eating with hands makes your eating pace slower. The slower we eat the better we digest! Because we become more aware of the process of eating as we experience it with all the given senses.

Eating with Hands is an Exercise

Eating with hands increases the blood circulation in the body as when we eats with hands we tend to make a particular mudra, though which the accu-pressure points present at our fingertips are pressed and starts their working process. It is a kind of exercise for muscle fiber too.

Improve the Digestion Problems

On our fingertips and palm, we have some bacteria, known as normal flora. Unlike other bacteria this is not harmful to humans; it in fact protects us from other harmful microbes in the environment. When you eat with your hands, the flora in the fingers is swallowed. It is beneficial for health and for various other body parts such as the mouth, throat, and intestine, and it promotes healthy digestion in the gut. Handling food within your fingers discharges some sort of digestive juices and enzymes. Also, millions of nerve endings in your fingers render the message to the stomach through various senses, that you’re about to eat, including the temperature of the food, level of spiciness and texture of food, thereby enhancing the stomach for digestion.

Helps in stay lean

Besides improved digestion, managing food intake and muscle fiber exercise through mudra there is one other benefit too. Those who eat with hands and fingertips tend to eat less as eating with hands is a slower process so the sense on the fingertips sends the message of fullness to the stomach earlier then it’s get full. If you will eat less you need not to do dieting too.

Have some Healthy Dates!