Eating with hands is more beneficial


Most of us eat with hands and this has been our traditional custom of eating. But today as we adopt western culture it is very common to see people using forks, spoons and knifes. By adopting western cultures we are leaving our old Indian cultures behind.

Youths find sitting down and eating as old fashioned and eating with spoons and forks modern. Many of them know eating with hands is very beneficial for our health.

  • Whenever we eat our food we wash our hands and then eat this helps in washing off bacteria from our hands. But when we use spoons, the spoons are already kept and that contains high amount of bacteria.
  • Eating with hands is equal to a treatment. This connects a relation between our hands, stomach, mind and mouth. Because body gives some signals to the digestive system and the digestion process starts.
  • If we eat with our hands we get to know the temperature of the food which does not let our mouth burns.
  • When we eat with our hands we usually join our fingers and thumb to eat, this forms mudra vigyan, this is the study of mudras and their healing power on our body. Therefore when we eat we are including all five elements and energizing the food we eat which helps us become healthy.