Eat Guava Leaves To Enhance The Beauty of Hair And Skin


Guava and Guava leaves have amazing antioxidant, antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties which help to alleviate health problems. Besides this protein, Carbohydrates calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B are found. The juice of fresh leaves of guava and guavas is beneficial for Skin, hair and health care. Learn how Guava and Guava leaves are beneficial to the hair and health.

Tips for Straight your hair

Guava for hair and skin:

Plentiful vitamin C is found in Guavas. It prevents hairs from getting split ends. Guava, also helps in the absorption of iron, which is important for hair and health. Its leaves are also very nutrient and have a lot of nutrition and antioxidant that enhances the growth of hair.

Guava contains Vitamin A, B, C and potassium, which is is good for getting Glowing skin. It helps in preventing the premature skin damage and wrinkles. It can be eaten as raw guava leaves or also could be rubbed on the skin. This maintains the texture of your skin. Pink guavas can make your skin remain young. Crush and mix guava with egg and apply it on the face and leave. After 20 minutes wash with warm water. Use this Guava scrub once or twice a week to destroy the dead skin cells and make your skin glow. Vitamin B-3 and B-6 are found in guava, which increases blood flow. Guava leaves are antiseptic and helps to remove the bacteria. The problem of acne blemishes with grinding the fresh leaves and applying it on acne.  By doing this regularly acne problem gradually disappears.

How to use Guava:

The owder of guava seeds can be taken with water. Guava leaves can be eaten raw. Grinding the guava leaves and tying by poultice on eyes while sleeping reduces eye pain, swelling and redness .  Grind raw guava on stone and make a paste and apply it for a week.

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