Easy ways to stop binge eating.


New Delhi: Binge-Eating Disorder (BED) is the most common type of eating disorder characterized by frequent, brief and uncontrollable binge eating episodes. It is mainly characterized by four key symptoms: compulsive overeating, sense of loss of control while eating, low self esteem, feeling of distress after binging.

It is also a case of serious mental illness in which the person ends up eating large quantities of food in small intervals and feel unable to stop eating.

BED is not an age-related disorder and can affect people of any gender,culture or socioeconomic background. Many medical studies suggest that equal number of men and women are affect by this disorder worldwide.

According to researchers of Annals of Internal Medicine, BED is linked to mental health problem, chronic pain, obesity and diabetes.

With some simple recovery tips, enlisted below, people can not only beat BED but also help them understand the reason behind their actions:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

• This therapy regulates the uncontrollable eating patterns by boosting better sense of control

• Revives mood and help to cope up with negative feelings about the body

• It curbs the issues that can trigger binge-eating episodes Healthy lifestyle habits

• Regular exercises can do wonders for mood and energy levels

• Eight hours of sound sleep at night is a must. It controls appetite and reduces food cravings

• Communicate, socialize and connect with others. Close relationships and social activities build confidence and enhance positive    moods.Develop healthier relationship with foods

• Give priority to your nutritional needs, not to your emotional ones

• Be a mindful eater and always keep a close watch on what are you eating

• Avoid fighting boredom with snacks. Fight boredom by doing some creative activities like painting, cooking, gardening etc.