Easy tips to protect skin from cracking in winters


In winter season, people often face several problems like itching, rashes due to lack of moisture in the skin. To keep skin moisturized in this season, girls make use of several moisturizers on their skin to get glowing skin.

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Apply Bananas on winter on skin as it contains vitamins C and A. It helps to repair damaged skin. To maintain the moisture of your skin, mash bananas and add honey to it and then apply it to your face. Later, after 20 minutes wash it with normal water.

Skin moisture can be maintained by applying cream (Malai) on face. It will make your skin moisturized and make it clear too. Add some turmeric powder in a little cream and then apply it on your face. Massage it with light hands and later wash your skin after 10 minutes.

Coconut oil involves acid in abundant amount that helps to make skin moisturized. To get moisture in skin, massage the skin with coconut oil at night.

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Use Honey on your skin as it involves anti-oxidant properties that make the skin soft and also provides glow on the skin. Add 2 spoons of honey in a half cup of lukewarm water and then apply it on the skin. You will see a drastic change!