Easy tips to get rid of ulcers


Everyone loves to have spicy food as it tastes good. Often we eat peppery food due to which we face ulcer problem. It becomes difficult for us to eat food due to mouth ulcers. So to get rid of it, one should apply these items overnight.

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Desi Ghee

To overcome mouth ulcers, apply ghee on your mouth before sleeping at night. By doing this, your blisters can be treated easily.


Boil 10 grams turmeric in one litre of water and keep it aside till it gets cool. Use this water twice a day for gargling. By taking these measures for two days, mouth ulcers will be cured.

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In addition to these two measures, heat 50 grams of ghee on fire and add 6 grams of camphor and take it out on the fire. By applying that ghee in the mouth, the bark gets healed very quickly.