Easy tips to follow while applying lip color!


Most of the women and girls love to do makeup these days as they want to look beautiful in every occasion be it birthday parties, wedding or any other event. The beauty product which is especially used by girl these days is lipstick. It not only enhances beauty of lips but also increases beauty of face. Today, we are telling you about some tips that will help your lipstick last longer. Check out:

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Antioxidant lipstick helps to keep lipstick smooth, light weight and creamy too. This lipstick has been liked by the people a lot these days. Use lip liner to get a perfect lip shape.

Several varieties of lipstick are available in the market but it is always recommended by a beauty expert to buy a good lipstick that must suit your skin tone. If you do not recognize skin tone then do vein test. If you see blue veins in your wrist after this test, then understand that your skin color is cool. Colors like Red, pastel and orange will suit you a lot.

If you will get green color, then your skin tone is warm. This type of girls can apply red, orange and pink color shades on their lip. You will look amazing

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If the veins of your wrist get blue and green color, then you have a neutral tone. Such people are lucky, they can use any color.