Easiest ways to handle sluggish Digestive system


If your digestive system fails to work well, your daily life may go for a toss. You might feel lethargic, bloated or even irritated. Also, when your bowel movements aren't proper, you may get frustrated.

Our digestive system could also indirectly affect your moods and well-being. Though we may never realize it, if your digestive system fails to process the food you eat, your health may go for a toss.

But with an active digestive system, life seems to be on track. It’s like eat whatever you want as you know your digestive system won’t’ cheat. You will feel energetic and active. Now, let us discuss how to activate your digestive system when it slows down a bit.

#Tip1 Go for a walk. Physical activity has its own role in boosting the digestive function. Inactivity could hamper digestion in certain ways.

#Tip2 Ginger is a good remedy for many digestive issues. Ginger can keep your intestines and stomach in a good shape. Also, it enhances food adsorption.

#Tip3 Most of us never chew the food properly. It is important to chew every bite 8-9 times, until it is turned into a paste. Only then your food can be digested easily.  

#Tip4 Probiotics like are good for digestion. Also, fermented vegetables do a good job. Diarrhea, constipation and other digestive issues can be handled with the help of probiotics like curd.

#Tip5 Drink some lemon juice 45 minutes before a major meal. This helps to boost your digestion.

#Tip6 Include hot red peppers in your diet. They contain capsaicin that’s a compound that helps in digestion. It also stimulates gastric juices and enhances the digestive process.

#Tip7 Chewing fennel seeds after meals can also improve digestion. These seeds discharge certain substances when chewed that can relieve you of bloating too.