Duterte to invite more investors during APEC


President Rodrigo Duterte left for Lima, Peru to meet the world leaders in the 24th Association of Pacific Economic Cooperation. He said it would be a long trip that would cost for the  Filipino people. Duterte hopes that the country gains out of this trip.

He said 200 world leaders will meet there, an important opportunity for the Philippines to work closely with economic partners in the region, consequently to facilitate economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and to find ways of moving forward to achieve shared goals.,

This year’s APEC meeting theme is “Quality Growth and Human Capital Development, a foundation for sustainable growth in the Asia-Pacific.

” Duterte said he will bring to the meetings his ten-point economic program for the country particularly improvements in doing business, to more efficient and responsive governance, massive investments in new infrastructure, a new focus on rural development and increased investments in human capital.

“The Philippines is open for business,” he said in addressing the world business leaders.Duterte said that he will do his best that the little and medium estimated monetary venture will flourish and thrive. He said he will highlight the administration approach and support and push to address defilement and culpability as building pieces of a solid and versatile economy that will guarantee comprehensive and consistent development.

Duterte said that the administration works all together that for the economy to take off. He said it is his first flight to South America which additionally imparts hundreds of years old partiality to the Philippines