During Surgery Child goes into Coma


Bengaluru: Five-year old little boy Lakshay accused with hospital of medical carelessness after which the child go into coma during his fingers surgical procedure. Little Lakshay had hurt his fingers while playing with his classroom's desk on June 10. It has been more than a week as then the boy is in coma. Lakshay's father Purushottam, who is working in a printing press unit near Sultanpet, acknowledged a call from his son's teacher that Lakshay had injured his fingers and required imperative medical intrusion.

The victim's father Purushottam conveyed that, the school authorities asked me to come to Mallya Hospital as his situation was serious. When I went to the hospital, I saw his two fingers were injured. Doctors supposed his ring finger could not be saved and his middle finger wanted plastic surgery. The surgery cost Rs 60,000 and had to be performed within six hours. The doctors said that Lakshay had some heart problem. He was in use to the operation theatre around 4pm. The doctor who came out of the process theatre conveyed that he had gone into a coma and his lungs had to be punctured to save him. We were shocked. Now it has been nine days and he is still in coma. The family accused that it was the hospital carelessness that he is in coma.