Due to bad weather 2 Army choppers make emergency landing near Jaipu


Two Army helicopters on Wednesday made emergency landings in the farming fields at Bassi and Chaksu towns in Jaipur area taking after heavy squall and thundershowers.

Armed force sources are yet to affirm it. One safeguard chopper landed securely at Khokhwala in Bassi town, 30 km from Jaipur. Another armed force helicopter arrived at Chaksu, town sources said.

Senior armed force officers were going in one of the choppers, sources said.

Sources in Delhi said Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, leader of the Mathura-based 1 Strike Corps, was ready the copter, a single-engine machine. The arrival was a careful step.

The Jaipur-Agra-Delhi street was likewise influenced because of the extreme force of dust tempest taken after by heavy rain. Trees were removed, and hoardings fell on the roadside.

A high-power squall joined by heavy rain hit Jaipur abutting sub-urban towns. Prior, there was severe dust storm toward the evening prompting poor visibility. Power supply was upset at most places in Jaipur.