Dubbing economist left or right is old fashioned, says Gita Gopinath

Professor of Economics Gita Gopinath, the Economics department's first female Indian professor in her office at the Littauer Center at Harvard University. Brooks Canaday/Harvard University

Harvard professor Gita Gopinath, whose arrangement as monetary consultant to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan made swells in the Left circles, has communicated shock at being marked “neo-liberal”. She feels it’s somewhat “out-dated” to name prepared business analysts as Right-wing or Left-wing.

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“The term neo-liberal does not have a decent definition,” Gita Gopinath told, as she came to India for her first interview with the Kerala CM this week. “It’s generally utilized when you are irate with some individual or abhorrence somebody, you call them a neo-liberal. Since something else, there is no solid definition to the term,” she brought up, including that the contention was a major shock.

“I was exceptionally astounded when I saw the response that turned out on the grounds that I consider myself a technocrat. I am a technocrat. I am a prepared market analyst. I consider issues. I utilize my financial preparing to devise arrangements. I am absolutely a technocrat and I dismiss every ideological name,” she told Asianet News in a meeting broadcast on Wednesday.

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