Dubai: Fire breaks out in 86-storey residential skyscraper ‘Torch Tower’


Dubai: A fire occurred at world’s tallest residential 86-storey Torch Tower in Dubai on Friday that destroyed the part of skyscraper.

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As per the reports, over 40 floors of the building burnt on Friday. In the pictures, the building inhabitants could be noticed crying outside the building on the streets. Many others stated that the fire occured after 1am Friday local time.

Dubai’s Civil Defence declared that the fire brigades had douse the flames in about two-three hours. No one has got wounded in the area.

“Cooling operations are underway,” Dubai’s official media wrote on Twitter.

In two and half years, For the second time, the fire took place at over 1,100-foot-tall (335 metres) tower  building. The building was situated in the famous waterfront Marina district. Earlier, the fire broke out in February 2015.

The officials posted the photograph of the charred and blackened tower building on social media on Friday. Authorities stated that the investigation is in process and they are lending help to give homes to the affected people.

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Dubai police seized many blocks around the building to keep people safe.  .

In June, a shocking tower fire in London lost the lives of nearly 80 people this year and provoked Britain to arrange more systematic testing on the cladding systems of its towers.