Drought in Madhya Pradesh, section 144 imposed


Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh state is on the verge of drought like condition and the government has imposed section 144 of Indian penal code in Betul district.

The Betul district of Madhya Pradesh is facing huge scarcity of water this year despite the presence of Narmada river, tapti river, Chambal river, son river. Section 144 of the Indian penal code prohibits unlawful assembly of five or more persons at a place, reports said.

The authorities has promised regular water supply and had invested 600 crore in Narmada supply water project. An 18 year old girl Poonam Yadav died due to the water crisis. The matter is under investigation.

BJP Politician Babulal Gaur said, “45% of water supply is provided to Bhopal from upper lake and the rest from nearby Kolar Dam. We have sufficient water in Bhopal.”

Indore Municipal Corporation will transport water in most of the areas of Madhya Pradesh through tankers to ensure regular drinking water supply, a local from Indore said.