Dropped from Karnataka Cabinet, Ambareesh says Am Not A ‘Chappal’


New Delhi : Discontent over the Cabinet reshuffle by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, actor-turned politician M.H. Ambareesh on Tuesday said he was not a 'chappal' (slipper) to be thrown away when not required, adding that he had his own popularity and knew how to handle the same. Mr Ambareesh, 63, was dropped along with 13 other ministers in a reshuffle by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday.   

Ambareesh said Siddaramaiah should have called him and asked him to give a chance to somebody else. "I am also a three-time MP. I was a central minister and I worked with him for three years. You must call us and say Ambareesh give the chance to somebody else. I would have happily given. I have no interest in power. I am satisfied because I work to my heart," he added. 

Holding the Chief Minister responsible for his resignation, Ambareesh expressed confidence that many political parties would now approach him and give him a red carpet welcome. "Everybody will approach me and give me red carpet welcome. They know if I come I will be a strength," he added.

However Mr Ambareesh says he has quit as state legislator, but rules need him to deliver a resignation letter in person to the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly. A major film industry association has stopped production of movies in a show of support for the actor. The revamp of the cabinet has caused major angainst within the Congress, which is dealing with mutiny in most of the six/seven states it governs.