Driver survives terrifying crash that sends race Car Flying, Here’s the video


A race car driver figured out how to move out of his car practically unscathed after being involved in a fiery accident that brought the Indianapolis 500, or Indy 500, to a short stop.

Unimaginable film of the crash, posted on Twitter, demonstrates the moment Jay Howard’s car bounced off a wall, skid and collided with Scott Dixon’s vehicle, sending it airborne. Mr Dixon’s vehicle then briefly slid along the safety fencing on the inside of the track. Debris from his car went flying over the race track and flames briefly shot out from its back end.

Both drivers were checked and cleared by medical professionals after the crash.

Mr Dixon, of New Zealand, won the Indy 500 in 2008. This clip demonstrates the crash as it occurred from his perspective.

This clip is from the on-board camera in the car ahead of Mr Dixon.

Mr Dixon took to Twitter to reassure fans of his well-being, tweeting it was a “wild ride.”

As per the Daily Mail, Mr Dixon was previously robbed at gunpoint recently.