Drinks to get rid from migraine pain


If you want to keep your body healthy then it is very important to consume fruits and vegetables. These not only helps in keeping us healthy but also helps in getting rid from many health problems. By consuming vegetables and fruit juices helps us in getting rid from many health diseases.Image result for fruit juice

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So let’s know about the benefits of consuming juices:

  1. Migraine

In migraine, half of our head starts paining and it is unbearable. To get rid from this problem, drink 1 lemon juice and 1 teaspoon ginger juice in 1 glass water. This will relieve the pain instantly.Related image

  1. Arthritis

People who have arthritis have much pain in their joints. The arthritic patient should drink 1 teaspoon of garlic in 1 glass of hot water and 1 teaspoon of onion juice. Apart from this, you can also consume potato juice, which can relieve the pain.Image result for Arthritis

  1. Fracture

Fracture in legs or arms pains and to lower pain, prepare spinach, chawlai, fenugreek, sahajan and celery soup and consume it.Image result for Fracture

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