Dreadful Effects of Smart Phones and Their Radiations


Usage of cell phones/ smart phones has rapidly increased from last 5 years due to an advancement of technologies mobile users spend almost half day using phones. The technology of phone tempts youth and people at every age to use phone as its multipurpose and multitasking be it video call, voice call, games, bhajans on YouTube, texting etc. but, there are never ending harmful effects of usage of phone. Some are mentioned below:

Smart phones or cell phones emit radio waves also known as radio frequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues which are closest to the antenna can absorb this energy which is way too harmful

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In a span of time as compared to before normal call lengths over phone has increased due to great calling plans or tariff plans and the radiations from phone are injurious in many ways. The phone temperature is likely to increase after constant usage of phone and at that particular time the cell phone releases such radiations which effects the sensory organs of human body like eyes, ears and majorly brain.

Over usage of phone might lead to serious problems like brain tumor and in fact the inter phone study of 2010 revealed 5,117 brain tumor cases. Tumors are more likely to occur on the side of head where maximum phone calls are attended.

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Well, the humans aren’t the only one who undergoes the negative impact of cell phone radiations In fact; plants, animals, insects, bio system and eco system are majorly effected by harmful radiations.