Dr. Naresh Arora launched ‘Chase’ Beauty product line, shares tips to women over Skin and Hair Care


Jaipur:  With the start of the monsoon, people's face we're happy, but also monsoon leads to hair and skin problems, as monsoon not good for for skin as well as hairs. Problem arises of all whether women or man's skin, such as allergies, sticky Gage, fungal infection, sweat and oily skin. Keeping this in mind, Beauty expert and aromatherapy specialist, Dr. Naresh Arora on Tuesday organized a Skin Beauty Expo.

Meanwhile Dr. Naresh gives many useful tips to women on skin problems. In this prestigious seminar housewife, professional women and entrepreneurs takes participants. Simultaneously, new product line Aromatharpi 'chase' was launched at this event. Meanwhile Dr. Arora tells the value of this special product, "Chase" is specially created for the problems over skin products, hair care, and makeup.

Dr. Niti Arora "Naturopaths" specialist and Bollywood's famous hair stylist Tanvir Ahmed were also present at this event. Ahmed in seminars gives valuable tips to women on new styling hair care and beauty trends. He said that today's women is not only career-oriented as well as he takes care of himself and his skin too. Given women's significant interest in the program, Dr. Naresh Arora, one-on-one interaction with all the ladies, and clears the solutions of their problems.