Dozens Arrested, Blades Seized At UK Gurdwara


LONDON: British police captured 55 individuals and grabbed their kirpan, a ceremonial Sikh knife, at a Gurdwara on Sunday, taking after a challenge a blended marriage.

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Outfitted officers were sent to the Gurdwara in Leamington Spa, focal England at an opportune time Sunday after a gathering of men entered the building.

An aggregate of 55 individuals were captured for bothered trespass in what police boss David Gardner portrayed as "a heightening of a neighborhood question".

Not natural about the Kirpan being a piece of the Sikh clothing, the police boss said: "A noteworthy number of bladed weapons were seized from the scene," including that nobody was harmed in the occurrence.

Gurmel Singh, secretary general of Sikh Council UK, said dissenters strolled uninhibitedly into the Gurdwara and did not break into the building. He said the gathering then held petitions and a sit-into contradict a wedding because of occur between a Sikh and a non-Sikh.

"Marriage is a hallowed organization and in our way of life we have no issue with individuals of various races getting hitched, yet the religious teaching says this specific function is saved for two Sikhs," Mr Singh told news office AFP.

One onlooker, Perry Phillips, said the dissent seemed, by all accounts, to be serene. "I could see at the passageway to the Gurdwara that many individuals were outside yet it was serene, there was no yelling or anything," he told the Press Association.

"There's a major Sikh people group in Leamington Spa and many people were turning up," he included.

The 'Sikh 2 Inspire' bunch said those captured were conveying the kirpan, a stylized Sikh knife, and condemned the reaction to the Gurdwara occurrence.

"The media and police have defrauded the Sikh appearance and maligned the Sikh people group in the UK," the gathering said on Facebook, approaching their supporters to take their kirpan to their neighborhood police headquarters and disclose its hugeness to officers.

There are more than 420,000 Sikhs in England and Wales, as per the 2011 registration information, representing 0.8 percent of the populace.

Christians make up the biggest religious gathering, representing 59.3 percent of the populace, trailed by Muslims (4.8 percent) and Hindus (1.5 percent).

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