Dope violation accepted by Wrestler Narsingh Yadav but says it was ‘unintentional’


Wrestler Narsingh Yadav had recently failed the dope test which was held just few days back. His lawyers and he himself said that someone added banned substance in his drink for him to test positive.

When the hearing of the case was announced by the Court, Narsingh Yadav alleged that “the doping was done, but it was done unintentionally and without my knowledge. Hence I should be given the benefit of doubt.”

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At the time of hearing, Singh’s lawyers made a statement that his client was not responsible for the positive dope test.

The lawyers asserted that Narsingh Yadav had taken the steroids on June 23 or June 24. “While he was exercising or practicing, he had left his water bottle on the mat and as it was left unattended, probably somebody has put some substance in it and that is how he has tested positive,” they told the hearing panel, a source said.

“They also cited the June 5 incident but did not stress on it. Their stress was on those two dates on which they claimed the contamination happened,” he added.

In a police complaint, the incident of June 5 is mentioned.  In the complaint it was written that, Narsingh says his friend witnessed another wrestler, Jitesh, adding something to his food at the SAI’s Sonepat centre.

At the hearing, Narsingh said he was unaware of the June 5 incident till he returned from a training stint on Bulgaria on June 22.

“He said he was only told about the incident after coming back from Bulgaria’s training stint,” the source said.

The FIR has been filed against Narsingh Yadav’s friend Jitesh in the complaints.

Currently, NADA is emphasizing on the hearing related to the positive results of sample taken on June 25.

Narsingh Yadav will not play for atleast four years, NADA lawyer Gourang Kanth said.

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NADA director general Naveen Agarwal said for the time being the agency is treating it as a first offence. Kanth said they were only dealing with the June 25 violation as of now.

Kanth said the onus will be on Narsingh to prove his conspiracy allegation, under the relevant WADA rule.