Dont worry about budget. Make memories in little cost!


Summer holidays are here!! And dont you want to visit different countries but what stoping you is your budget. So here is a happy news for you. Now you don’t have to stop yourself. You can visit these places with your little budget.  The food is very cheap. You'll be surprised to know that you can eat in these countries in just Rs 60-70. So book your tickets now to make some memories.


The delicious Vietnamese dishes at Rs 66 and Rs 200 to get in the room can be booked.


You have to go from place to place in China and you will have to increase your budget for that. You can book a taxi in just Rs 67, Rs 300 and Rs 150 to dine in the hotel.

Nepal: –

You can book a room for Rs 270 here and you can dine in a time of Rs 67 and Rs 600, and can eat 3 times even if its expensive.


In Indonesia, only 67 rupees you can have dinner. You can book your hotel around 250 rupees. You can enjoy  its beautiful Islands and beaches.


Laosah is known for beautiful mountains , Buddhist Monastery and many other beautiful sights. You can visit here only in 700 to Rs 2000. Here you can get a room for the night and can enjoy street food at Rs 70.