Don’t take these beauty risks during rainy season!


Most of the girls are fond of rainy weather and loves as much as anyone can. But, the problem that they face during rainy season is mostly of hair and makeup that changes their looks from adorable to the most horrible one. So, this article is all about the tips that one must focus to avoid problems related to makeup.

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Don’t apply Kajal

Avoid applying smudged kohl over your eyes as it makes your look worst during rainy weather. Prefer to apply waterproof liquid liner. You can even apply omit it completely for the monsoons.

Avoid Bangs

Believe us, we cherish bangs a lot amid the storms. They helps to cover up half of the face, not enabling your skin to inhale uninhibitedly and thus making sweat aggregate. Not exclusively does this make your hair look level and oily, it can likewise cause pimples due to the warmth.

Say no to foundation

In sticky climate, a fluid foundation is bound to simply liquefy off your face. What’s more, any way, it’s dependably an awful thought to overcompensate establishment. Decide on a BB cream or maybe a sans oil pad establishment amid the rainstorm for an impressively even base.

Apply Non-waterproof mascara

At the point when the downpours are pouring down your face, any item that isn’t waterproof is an appalling thought. Non-waterproof mascaras are certain to streak and keep running down your face amid the sticky climate. Maintain a strategic distance from no matter what, and select the waterproof form rather for flawlessly tasty lashes.

Avoid Sparkle eyeshadow

Sparkle eyeshadow may look extraordinary, however amid the storms, it’s a shocking thought. The dampness noticeable all around can make the sparkle bunch up and look sketchy, and on the off chance that it downpours, you’re taking a gander at sparkle streaks down your cheeks. It might even enter your eyes, which can cause a greater number of complexities than it’s worth. In this manner, avoid sparkle eyeshadows till the rain divine beings choose to quit grinning down on us.

Don’t apply Velvety concealer

The dampness noticeable all around, matched with the sweat-prompting impact of the moist climate is all that is required for your cream concealer to soften away. So unless you need every one of those blemishes that you have hidden to begin appearing by the center of the day, remain far from them. Pastel concealers are an extraordinary option for an immaculate base.

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Straight hair

Dampness makes hair get bunched up, oily, and absolutely unmanageable. In case you’re intending to get your hair fixed to maintain a strategic distance from this chaos, don’t. You hair may look smooth and glossy for a few days, however it’s not going the last. So as opposed to squandering oodles of cash on an expert rectifying treatment, spoil your hair with sustaining items, and grasp your common hair surface.