Don’t pay more than Rs 7 for chai-coffee, says Railways


Have you at any point been charged more than the fixed cost of Rs 50 for a veg thali on train? Stress no more, as the Railway Ministry has issued a rate card for dinners, tea and water bottles sold on trains after continuous dissensions on Twitter from workers who claim to have been fleeced.

The rate card sets the cost of tea and coffee at Rs 7 each, while lunch and supper will cost Rs 50-55.

The rate card has been posted on Twitter. Clients can gripe to the Rail Ministry at @RailminIndia in the event that they are cheated.

Here is the tweet:


Explorers have for since a long time ago complaint about the quality and the cost of the food served in trains by private merchants, who are shrunk by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

The merchants are required to show the traveler a menu card, and offer sterile sustenance at costs that are settled by IRCTC. Be that as it may, as a general rule, individuals are cheated by these sellers and need to do with sub-standard food.

Settling the rates of food sold in trains won’t just direct the costs charged by sellers, however will likewise be in accordance with the administration’s attention on traveler health and cleanliness from the current year’s Budget.

Railroad Minister Suresh Prabhu had requested a review of the considerable number of merchants who are permitted to provide food inside the trains, and boycott the ones required in any unjustifiable practices.

Prabhu had a month ago revealed another catering policy which would isolate the sustenance making and dispersion part of the business to guarantee great quality food.

With the new strategy, the minister is attempting to convey big hotels names to build up kitchens at different stations and create sustenance in a private-public association. IRCTC will be the wholesaler of the food.