‘Don’t mess around with the game’ says Bishan Singh Bedi


Convention needs to protect its character. Be that as it may, developments happen and hope to make space in this continually advancing world. At the point when Bishan Singh Bedi, the endless supporter of “appropriate” cricket, addresses the interminable experimentation, you understand there is a voice that contrasts from the current melody, drove by none other than Sourav Ganguly, the director of the Board’s specialized advisory group.

“Why are we having this,” inquiries Bedi. “Need of great importance,” says Ganguly. They are players from various periods however bound by a typical danger – the advancement of the amusement. Bedi has his thoughts. “We needn’t bother with this investigation with the pink ball. Why? The last Test at Sydney was an offer out. The Oval Test amongst England and Pakistan drew a full house. Also, there was no pink ball there,” said Bedi, not satisfied with the passage at the progressing Duleep Trophy here.

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Ganguly was earnest that pink-ball and floodlights were gone for drawing in the observers to the venue. “Few are occupied with going to the ground in the morning and spend the day. What is the purpose of playing before no one? We feel this is the path forward. It is a test worth an endeavor. Give it some time.” “Draw in them with great cricket,” demands Bedi.

“Try not to have pink ball stuff for the hell of it. I feel we have to market Test cricket professionally. Like the IPL (Indian Premier League). In the event that you can do it with shorter arrangements of the diversion then why not with Test cricket? The chairmen need to seel Test cricket appropriately. Sort out great challenges. Why are the chairmen evading their duty towards protecting history and custom.

Cricket was not intended to be messed around with. It was a restful diversion and went for getting individuals out of retreat. Physically fit individuals who did not play cricket were dealt with as outcaste. Be that as it may, things have changed radically. Players have changed. The observers have changed. The observers prior went to see. Not they go to be seen.

There is evident contrast.” Coming to Duleep Trophy, what frustrated Bedi was the organization. “What loyalty would a player need to Blue, Green and Red, rather than the zonal idea of the past. To me, their level of duty was absent. I could make out their absence of excitement. It is not just about pink ball. We need to consider different parts of the diversion too. Kindly don’t mess around with the amusement,” Bedi argued. Ganguly would be upbeat if the new test clicks. “Our principle point is to get observers to the venue. This progression is in that course.”

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