Donald Trump, the 13th US President who will meet the Queen


Queen Elizabeth II will invite US President-elect Donald Trump to a state visit to Britain in order to strengthen the relations between the two countries.
According to the UK press, the negotiations between British officials and Trump’s team will begin soon and the visit will take place in the next summer. Queen Elizabeth II and her team will welcome Donald and Melania Trump at the Windsor Castle.The London administration is eager to strengthen the ‘special relationship’ with the United States, while the Government will soon launch Theresa May Brexit procedure. According to the British politicians, the official meeting will shape the future position of the United Kingdom in the world.

Meanwhile, Trump invited May in the United States as soon as possible, during their first telephone conversation after the presidential victory, the British prime minister’s office announced.

According to the news agency, the UK Government expressed hope that an official state visit  ‘will become its secret weapon’. The official talk will consist of a meeting between Trump and the leader of the campaign for Brexit, Nigel Farage.

Trump told Theresa May that his mother, who is originally from Scotland, is a ‘big fan’ of the Queen and told the Prime Minister to tell her ‘Best regards’.