Donald Trump Stops to pick up hat that flew off marine’s head. here’s the video


US President Donald Trump has the Internet buzzing after a video emerged of him stopping to get a cap that flew off a Marine’s head on Saturday at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, US – not once, but twice. Mr Trump was gone to the White House in Washington DC after going to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

The Marine was standing at attention next to Mr Trump’s helicopter, Marine One, when a gust of wind knocked his hat off his head. According to protocol, the Marine stayed still and didn’t move to get his cap. (The US Marine Corps refers to the hat as a cover.)

Mr Trump, who was conversing with a military official, quickly bent down to get the cap. He then strolled over and put it firmly on the young Marine’s head and gave him a pat on the arm.

Quickly, however, the white cap flew off the Marine’s head once again. This time, both Mr Trump’s military escort and the president himself pursued it. They both reached down to lift it up. Mr Trump seemed to hand the cap over to the officer, leaving it up to him to return the Marine’s hat. Mr Trump then boarded the chopper.

The video is viral, with numerous quick to praise the US President’s well intentioned move.

“Love that he tried to return it on #respect,” tweeted one individual. “Definitely respectable,” added another.

Individuals were loaded with praise for the Marine too. “Like it that the Marine didn’t move. There’s discipline for you,” wrote one individual on Twitter.