Donald Trump plays victim card, says survival of US at stake


Trump said this race will figure out if the US is a free country or whether it has just a hallucination of majority rule government. 

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Confronting a progression of charges of rape, a rebellious and confrontational Donald Trump on Thursday attempted to play the casualty card by claiming that he is liable to a trick brought forth by the opponent Clinton crusade saying that the very survival of the US is in question. 

"Let's get straight to the point on a certain something, the corporate media in our nation is no longer required in news coverage. They're a political extraordinary intrigue the same than any lobbyist or other money related substance with an aggregate political plan, and the motivation is not for you, it's for themselves," Republican presidential candidate Trump said at a decision rally in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

"Their plan is to choose abnormal Hillary Clinton at any cost, at any value, regardless of what number of lives they wreck. For them it's a war, and for them nothing at all is outside the alloted boundaries. This is a battle for the survival of our country, trust me. What's more, this will be our last opportunity to spare it on November eighth, recall that," Trump told a huge number of his supporters in this key battleground state. 

Trump said this decision will figure out if the US is a free country or whether it has just a dream of vote based system, yet are in certainty controlled by a little modest bunch of worldwide extraordinary interests fixing the framework. 

"This is reality, you know it, they know it, I know it, and essentially the entire world knows it. The foundation and their media empowering agents will control over this country through implies that are extremely notable. Any individual who challenges their control is regarded a sexist, a bigot, a xenophobe, and ethically distorted," he said. 

Trump's irate reaction came a day after two ladies blamed him for wrong touch, the New York Times reported. 

He has sent a legitimate notice to the every day, which has declined to bring down its story and affirmed that it remains by it. 

"These horrendous claims about me of wrong direct with ladies are absolutely and totally false. The Clintons know it, and they know it exceptionally well. These cases are all created. They're immaculate fiction and they're by and large lies. These occasions never, ever happened and the general population said them submissively completely get it. You investigate these individuals, you consider these individuals, and you'll see likewise," Trump said. 

"The cases are over the top, outrageous, and oppose truth, sound judgment and rationale. We as of now have generous proof to question these untruths, and it will be made open in a suitable path and at a proper time soon," he said in the midst of acclaim from the group of onlookers. 

He asserted that these falsehoods originate from outlets whose past stories and past cases have as of now been undermined. 

The media outlets did not endeavor to affirm the most fundamental realities on the grounds that even a straightforward examination would have demonstrated that these were just false spreads, he said. 

Alluding to the Wikileaks discharge, Trump said messages demonstrate the Clinton machine is so intently and unavoidably attached to the media associations that she was given inquiries and replies ahead of time of her level headed discussion with gathering rival Bernie Sanders. 

"Hillary Clinton is additionally given endorsement and veto control over quotes expounded on her in the New York Times. They certainly don't do that to me, that I can let you know. The messages demonstrate the columnists team up and scheme straightforwardly with the Clinton crusade on helping her win the decision all over," he said. 

"With their control over our administration in question, with trillions of dollars hanging in the balance, the Clinton machine is resolved to accomplish the decimation of our crusade, not going to happen," Trump stated. 

Hitting out hard at NYT, Trump said the day by day is battling urgently for its importance and its budgetary survival. 

"It likely won't be around in a couple of years, in view of its money related viewpoint. Which wouldn't be a terrible thing, in the event that you need to know reality," he said. 

"As it winds during its time and is turning out to be increasingly risky, it's gotten increasingly horrible, more detestable. What's more, even the other predominant press is discussing the single most prominent heap on ever, and all amongst now and November eighth. 

"What's more, you need to see the stories they've composed, it's consistently, after another, and actualities amount to nothing, third-rate news coverage. The colossal editors of the past from the New York Times and others, women and men of their word, are turning in their graves," he said.

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