Donald Trump nominates Dr Jerome Adams as surgeon general


President Donald Trump has nominated Dr Jerome Adams as the next US surgeon general to succeed Indian-American Dr Vivek Murthy, who was dismissed in April by the Trump administration.

The White House said that Trump nominated Indiana’s health commissioner Adamsto, a needle exchange advocate who helped lead the state’s battle against an HIV epidemic, to  serve as America’s chief doctor.

Dr Adams is an anesthesiologist who has been outspoken against the opioid epidemic. He started serving as the Indiana State Health Commissioner in 2014 under then-governor Mike Pence and was in that part amid the 2015 flare-up of HIV that spread among clients of a prescription opioid, Opana.

Dr Adams would replace Dr Murthy, who was dismissed by US President Trump earlier this year. Dr Murthy was appointed by previous President Barack Obama in 2014.

Dr Jerome Murthy was the first Indian-American to be appointed to the prestigious post.

Dr Adams must be confirmed by the Senate. Presently, Sylvia Trent-Adams, a nurse and a rear admiral in the US Public Health Service, is acting surgeon general.